Idea by the Spoons. Do NOT delete this page.

COKE 84 is a boss vehicle by the Spoons.

Design Edit

It is a large black racer with no outline.

Stats Edit

Health: 100000

Special: You can not heal it, instead, healing orbs and Healing Classes actually damage COKE 84

Damage: 28000 per second

Speed: Half as fast as a Buster without Boost.

Regeneration: None.

Strategies Edit

Strong Against: All Meele Classes, Bosses and 1v1s.

Weak against: Groups of Busters, Pranksters and/or Healing Classes

Use the similar tactics, like fighting against the spoon, however, you can even use healing Classes, to kill it. The More Healing Power you have, the more damage you do to COKE 84.

COKE 84 is known to go and stay in the middle of the map, as long as no players are in the server. It's sight range is 4x the size of the map from Crazy Gamemode.

It attacks: Everything.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the strongest boss.
  • It's health bar is 2x bigger than the health bar from The Spoon.
  • It is the only boss to take damage from healing.