Charger Class Edit

What Type Of Class It Is

Charger is a speed class

Design Edit

it is a class similar to the Flash/Jet(another concept idea) except it has a feature on it where there are little "Chargers" for the "engine" on the car

also it has a Dark Orange Color Pallet

(also would like to see some of ur art based off of what i decribe)

Ability Edit

Its ability is similar to to the piercer except the fact u can have what i called a Charge feature to charge up your boost and you CAN use it any time at any speed but if you spam click the boost it will give a very minimal boost that can barley help you with going around corners the maximum ammount of time it will take to get your vehicle to max boost is 5 seconds and each second its a notch in the speed boost so

Spam clicking 1/2 speed

1 second hold click 1 speed

You get the point.

Upgrades Edit

You will have the ability of upgrading

  • Max Health
  • Max Speed
  • Health Re-gen
  • Repair Kits
  • (you can add on to it if wanted but i like little challenges :3)

Technical + Strategy Edit

I suggest you focus on upgrading the following in order (BASED OFF OF WHAT I HAVE DESCRIBED SO FAR AND WHAT YOU ABOUT TO READ)

  • Max Health
  • Health Re-gen
  • Max Speed
  • Repair Kits If Really needed

Also Try To Avoid ANY Crashes Seeing If You Don't Have Your Max Health and Re-Gen Up You May Die

This class is

Strong Against


Decent Against



Weak Against

The Rest Of The Classes