(NAME) is a (offensive/defensive/speed/support) class created by (your username).

Make an image of your class if you can. If not, ask Pepearl or FallenBooster to make one.

Damage, defense, speed and handling usually have a value between 1 and 6. That doesn't mean you can't go over 6 - just don't make your class OP!

Design Edit

Describe the shape and colour of your class, as well as any other details it might have.

Ability Edit

Describe your class's special ability(s). Try to add details such as cooldown, damage etc. Try to make your class as balanced as possible - don't make it more powerful than the classes in the game unless you have good reason for them to be!


  • List the things that your class can upgrade here.
  • Classes usually have 4 or 5 of these.
  • Most classes can upgrade health regen and max health, and some also have repair kits which restore some health.
  • Try to make these upgrades related to your class's ability(s)!

Technical + Strategy Edit

Describe some strategy and tips for playing as your class. Which upgrades should you prioritise? Should you actively try to wreck other players, or avoid others at all costs? The more detail, the better!

Strong against: Which classes can your class easily beat and why?

Decent against: Which classes do your class compete with and why?

Weak against: Which classes do your class have trouble with and why?

Trivia Edit

  • List some facts about your class here! It could be related to its design, whether the article is special in some way (e.g 1st class page on the wiki) - anything you think is interesting!

Other helpful linksEdit