The Comet is a fanon vehicle made by Briskmetal007, and can be titled as an offensive-type class.

Appearance Edit

The vehicle appears to be a turquoise concave polygon.

Upgrades Edit

  • Max Health
  • Crash Damage
  • Move Speed
  • Max Boost

Ability Edit

Comet Dash - Extremely similar to the Piercer's Force Push; in fact, it's essentially the same thing, but it does a lot more damage (about 2/3 of a Buster's Lv1 bullet damage).

Strategy Edit

Good Against Edit

  • Buster - (FINALLY, A GOOD CLASS TO COUNTER THESE A-HOLES!) Like I said above, the Comet can do some great damage. Along with it's Comet Dash, you'll be able to easily kill cannons.
  • Piercer & Flash - I think it's pretty self-explanatory. These two classes have very low health and defense, so it's pretty easy to take them out. Remember though, Piercers can easily Force Push away or juke you. You have the same ability, so use it!
  • Ambulamp, Deprived & Sludger - Self explanatory. The Sludger can slow you down, but you'll still be a bit fast to outrun them afterwards.

Decent Against Edit

  • Racer - Using the Comet's speed, you can outrun them, and use the Comet Dash to damage them and/or knock them into a wall, killing them. But they're an all-around class, so their health and defense may be a bit high.
  • Star - This would be in the "Good Against" category, since their health and defense is horrible, but they can easily use their Invincibility to trick you into ramming a wall, killing yourself in the process. Try to act quick!

Bad Against Edit

  • Hazard - Self-explanatory. DON'T RUN INTO THEM. RUN AWAY.
  • Bully - These big boys have high health and defense, obviously. But your health and defense isn't too good. So trying to stop them will only result in death, but you can drain their health slightly like a Hazard.

Trivia Edit

  • Briskmetal007's (me) first conception.
  • It was an inspiration of the Star and Hazard class.
  • I made mistake on making the brighter color in the inside, and the darker color on the outside. I am too lazy to fix that...