The Dark Shedder is a secret class. It's a black non-outlined circle with 16 small black non-outlined spikes on it. You will start with high speed, very high HP and high Damage.

How to unlock it Edit

- Right click the home page of the game

- Then, click "inspect"

- Then, click at the top "Console"

- Then type in "classindex=66677745

- Press enter and BOOM! You have the secret class, the secret class is just a few clicks and a few types away!


- Go through 5 races in a row (Note: You most gone through the whole 5 race and you must be the player who got the 20 laps)

- Then just follow the developer

Ability Edit

Black Hole: Causes all players in a small area to get pulled in to the Dark Shedder. Ability Time: 5 Sec Cooldown: 15 Sec

Black Hat Move: Causes someone in the track to drop to half of their original defense. Cost: 1 point Cooldown: 5 Sec

Strategy Edit

Strong against: Slow classes, ambulamps, low defense classes and (if reaction is fast) fast classes

Good against: Good fast classes users, Busters and Hazards

Weak against: Good players, groups of players, good Busters or Hazards users and the wall (lol)

Trivia Edit

- This IS a OP(?) class

- The names of the Abilities are a reference to the word in the name of the class "dark"

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