Dinnerbone is a boss by the Forks. (so do NOT delete the page)

Design Edit

It is large a white-Grey Pirecer with a Black-Green outline. His name is also Upside down.

Stats Edit

Health: 875.

Ram Damage: 400.

Rarity: Rare.

Speed: Fast.

Ability: Force Push, used every 4 seconds.

Strategy Edit

Strong Against: Rammers, Slow Vehicles

Weak Against: Busters, Pranksters, Very Fast Vehicles

It does force push every 4 seconds, which Makes it about as fast as a Pirecer. Use a Buster or Prankster, in order to defeat this boss. It does not have so much health, but does lots amount of damage, so watch out for the force push. It can also go through walls.

If you try to heal it, it's health stays the same.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the least resistant boss.
  • It is based on an upside down guy, named 'Dinnerbone'.