Douser is a defensive aquatic class created by Pepearl.

Design Edit

The douser is a dark green square with an appendage on its front shaped like a trapezium. It bears some resemblance to a watering can.

Ability Edit

Water spray - The douser sprays a trail of water in front of it for the next 3 seconds, which has the same properties as the water in the water track. The water goes away after 5 seconds. With level 1 spray reload, this ability takes 10 seconds to recharge, and 7.75 seconds at level 10 reload.


  • Max health
  • Health regen
  • Boost regen
  • Spray reload

Technical + Strategy Edit

The douser has excellent defenses but low speed, like the bully. It is also similar to the sludger in that it can slow down other players, however in some cases they will instead end up speeding up other players. With strategic thinking, both scenarios could be used to the player's advantage. The player should start off upgrading boost regen and spray reload; the douser already has good defense, and being able to boost as often and as much as possible will eliminate the problem of the douser's low speed. Max health and health regen are also important, but boost and spray reload should be prioritised. Target low health/high speed classes for points.

Strong against: Offensive and/or slow classes, such as busters and bullies. The douser's high defense allows it to take their damage well, and can use it's ability to give itself a small boost to get away from them if necessary.

Decent against: Fast classes, like piercers, flashes, paddlers and deprived. The douser may be able to kill these vehicles if they use their ability to slow these vehicles down while in front of them. However, the douser's damage isn't great.

Weak against: Hazards; they have both higher speed and damage than the douser, and could easily target the douser.

Trivia Edit

  • 2nd aquatic vehicle.
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