"Grandpa , but where does the name from the race game Driftin come ?

Well grandson , after races were made there was a man called Driftin , he loved the speed and he challenged everyone in speed contests .

One day he challenged a man with his same passion called Racer , in that epic contest , the 2 mens were at the same speed and if Racer would't push Driftin out of the road killing him this contenst would continue until now and forever."

Driftin in a very hard boss that appears like last boss in the Boss Race , his patterns are complicated but the moves are not used automaticaly.
Driftin track

driftin's track

Moves Edit

Driftin track is an infinite shape track with 2 moving obtacles , if the player goes out of the track instead of taking damage it will be pushed back in the track.

The main move of the boss is changing the position of the obstacles , always every half minute , the players that stay on that obstacle while this move is used it will be moved with the obstacle.

Other normal moves are dashing , being invincile (for 5 seconds) , trying to ram a player and teleport near a random player , driftin will use one of them every 15 seconds.

driftin back part can randomly shoot a gray ball that damages players,

One of the hardest attacks to dodge is driftin sword , driftin front part will come out and acting indipendently will try to ram players , driftin will use this attack every 45-60 seconds and it will last 10 seconds.