big fat wip also please tell me in comments if stuff is unbalanced because it probably is. im not like a pro gamer person i just like this game and want it to live


Racer is now unable to deal as much damage as it could in the original game.

Special: Daredevil's InstinctEdit

When Daredevil is missing more than two thirds of its max HP, it will automatically get a boost in power; Daredevil's base speed and damage both increase to 4. This power boost lasts until either Daredevil recovers enough HP or Daredevil gets wrecked.

Special: SpikesEdit

When the spacekey is pressed, Spiker can drop 3 spikes in a trail behind itself. Spiker is not immune to its own spikes.

Special: Toxic FumesEdit

Fumer's crash damage has a poisoning effect.

Special: Electric FieldEdit

When the spacekey is pressed, Taser can generate a rapidly-shrinking circle in front of it. Any vehicles inside the circle take damage in ticks until they either exit the circle or get wrecked.

Special: MourningEdit

Whenever any vehicle in the game gets wrecked, Hearse generates a rapidly-shrinking circle around it. Any vehicles inside the circle, as well as Hearse itself, receive healing in ticks until they exit the circle.

Special: Supply AmmoEdit

When the spacekey is pressed, Rearmament can shoot a cannonball. If it hits another vehicle, this vehicle will receive a new 'upgrade' named 'Cannonball', which costs 0 upgrade points. When activated, the vehicle will fire a cannonball, like Buster, although it does less damage.

Special: Time WarpEdit

When the spacekey is pressed, Warper can rapidly travel back to the point on the map they were at 2 seconds ago. Warper's remaining HP will also revert. Time warping will take Warper 0.5 seconds, no matter the distance travelled, and Warper will be invincible for these 0.5 seconds.

Special: StealEdit

When the spacekey is pressed, Thief can fire a projectile. If it hits another vehicle, Thief will copy the stats and special trait of the target. This lasts for 6 seconds.

Special: Self FreezeEdit

When the spacekey is pressed, Ice Shard can freeze itself in place to instantly regain any lost HP. Ice Shard stays frozen for about 2 seconds, and is invincible for the duration of this as well as for 1 second after Ice Shard unfreezes.

Special: TransformEdit

Transformer enters the game in defense mode. Transformer earns 2 upgrade points per lap, and can switch between its 2 modes with the 'transform' upgrade.

normal game mode

same as in original game

not entirely sure how it would work yet5v5 track

big open map. first to get 20 kills is winnerDeathmatch track