Drill is a offensive class created by gottagof.

Design Edit

Have glass color of "triangle" drill, shape is circle, color is grey.

Demonstration of it:

Ability Edit

Allow for 2 seconds go fast like force push, cooldown for 20 seconds.

Upgrades Edit

  • Max Health
  • Health Regen
  • Max Speed
  • Dash Damage (10 is 6 from damage, each point increase damage by 0.50)
  • Item: Heal (Heal half of damage)

Max boost is 60

Technical + Strategy Edit

Strong against: Racers, Bullys, Deprived, Ambulance.

Decent against: Other Drills.

Weak against: Buster, Hazard, Flashes, Piercers.

Information about Strong Against, and etc Edit

Q: Why strong against racers?

A: Dash - and they died

Q2: Why strong against Bullys/Deprived/Ambulance?

A2: They can't do anything.

Q3: Why Decent against other drills?

A3: You don't deal them damage like they to you.

Q4: Why weak against Busters/Hazards?

A4: Hazards: They have more body damage

Busters: They shot you and if you don't have enough health, you die.

Q5: Why weak against flashes/piercers?

A5: They fast, so you can't just do them anything (except if they crash into you)

Trivia Edit

This class on 3rd place most strongest;

1st Place - Buster

2rd Place - Hazard

3rd Place - Drill.