The Freezer is a vehicle conception made by UltraReconKing .

UltraReconKing 's Design Edit

A box that is cyan with a faint snowflake on top of it. The box would be in the shape of this cube, just without the extra details.


  • Leaves a trail of slippery ice that lasts for approximately three seconds.
  • Pressing the spacebar will have the vehicle shoot an ice orb that freezes the vehicle it collides to. The orb lasts for 5 seconds, and the freeze effect lasts for 3 seconds.
    • Upgrading the freeze effect will add an extra second per point.
  • Has 50 boost.
  • The Freezer has four upgrades: Max Health, Freeze Effect, Defense, and Repair Kit.

StevenHK1119 's Design Edit

a class that evolved from sludger. it 's color become ice-blue and its blob become dark ability renamed freeze blob that can make other become frozen instead of slower,also the ability will last longer.*the player that was been frozen will cover with a ice block.