The heart class is a support class created by HG.

Design Edit

The heart consists of, as the title says, a heart-shaped vehicle that heals any player that crashes with it.

It has 40 Boost.

Ability Edit

This vehicle is designed to heal any vehicle that suddenly crashes with it. With this said, it's impossible to deal damage with the Heart, being most likely impossible to kill someone with it, since this is a support class.

This class also has a special ability to give a small amount of health to everyone on the map (including you) at the same time. It is called "Angel Heart". It can be used each 20 seconds (with no upgrades).

Upgrades Edit

  • Health Regeneration
  • Boost Regeneration
  • Move Speed
  • Reload Speed (up to 10 seconds, 1 second per level)

Technical + Strategy Edit

This class is not designed to kill, so avoid trying to kill a player with low health, as you'll end healing them if you touch them. Instead, try to move it to the wall for it to damage the player and crash, or have someone kill it for you. Of course, avoid them to touch you.

You must avoid any kind of hazard, as you cannot deal any damage to them, while they can to you. Boost Regeneration is crucial at this point, since you can't increase your max boost.

It is recommended to use Angel Heart when you have low health, since it can heal you a bit and possibly save you from deaths.

Busters won't be healed for hitting you with their cannon balls.

Try to team with other hearts, so you can both crash and heal yourselves. This way you'll be making it harder (but not impossible) for some hazard to kill you. You can also try to team with an Ambulamp, since they have a low defense.

  • Strong against: None, since this is a support class and it can't even deal any damage at all.
  • Decent against: Busters, they are too slow to touch you. Just make sure to avoid their shoots.
  • Weak against: Hazard, it can drain all of your health and gain health for itself at the same time. Avoid them the most you can.

Trivia Edit

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