Hinder is a support class created by Pepearl.

Design Edit

The hinder is a wide pink rectangle.

Ability Edit

When the hinder bumps into another vehicle or vice versa, the other vehicle's ability is disabled temporarily. This can only happen to 1 vehicle every 5 seconds. At level 1 disable length, the vehicle's ability is disabled for 3 seconds, and at level 10 it is disabled for 5.25 seconds. When a vehicle is disabled, they turn the same pink colour as a hinder. The hinder only disables abilities which are activated via the spacekey.

The hinder's max boost is 100.


  • Max health
  • Health regen
  • Disable length
  • Body size

Technical + Strategy Edit

The hinder is incapable of decent damage and has poor defenses, but its ability is able to cause problems for many other classes. A hinder can team up with groups of other classes to help them attack other players. On the other hand, other players may not trust the hinder, or they may betray the hinder. As well as this, it can sometimes be difficult to control the hinder's ability. The player should definitely upgrade max health first. After that, it is a good idea to alternate between the other three upgrades. Groups of hinders could become a big obstacle.

Strong against: TBA

Decent against: Other fast/weak classes, like racers, flashes, piercers and deprived. They are a threat to each other, as collision will cause massive damage to both vehicles, and possibly death.

Classes which create projectiles, such as busters, pranksters, secret class 2, and bursters are able to damage the hinder without bumping them, which could cause a problem for the hinder. On the other hand, if a hinder does manage to collide with these classes, they will be unable to fire, severely handicapping them.

Weak against: Hazards and bullies; neither of them have abilites, leaving the hinder defenseless against them.

Trivia Edit

  • TBA
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