Aquatic Vehicle, This time it's a aquatic version of piercer.

Design Edit

It's a Deltoid, with an aqua green color palette.

Ability Edit

Force Trail Edit

Like force push, but leaves a water trail. The water evaporates after 35 secs.

Strategy Edit

It's more of a speed class, and it's aquatic, so water track is the best track, but have on your watch, you need to be good on steering when on water. It's Very fast on water, like a jet ski.

Strong Against: Flash, Other Jets, Piercers, Low health classes.

Weak Against: Busters, hazards, Secret Class 2#.

Trivia Edit

  • It's like a jet ski, that's the origin of this class name.
  • Aquatic Piercer, nuff said.
  • Another aquatic vehicle.
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