Paddler is a versatile aquatic class created by Pepearl.

Design Edit

The paddler is reddish-brown in colour and has an almond shape, similar to a small boat being viewed from a bird's eye perspective.

Ability Edit

The paddler does not have an ability activated through the spacekey, as it is only meant to be an aquatic equivalent to the racer. The paddler has 100 max boost.


  • Max health
  • Health regen
  • Max boost
  • Move speed

Technical + Strategy Edit

The paddler is similar to the racer in stats, however it is unique in that it gains a speed boost in water. This is a good thing when wanting to escape offensive vehicles, but it can cause problems with controlling the paddler. As well as this, the paddler has slightly lower damage than the racer, which could cause problems with killing other vehicles. It is a good idea to focus first on upgrading max health and health regen. The player could then potentially move onto max boost or move speed. It is safer to try and kill other vehicles on land than in water, as the paddler can be more easily controlled on land.

Strong against: Fast/weak vehicles, such as deprived, ambulamps and flashes; the paddler can catch up to them and kill them with enough bumps.

Decent against: Piercers; paddlers can catch up to them in water and bump them if they're still weak. However, stronger piercers can easily eliminate unsuspecting paddlers. The same applies to racers and other paddlers.

Weak against: Hazards; like racers, they can't take a hazard's crash damage. On the other hand, their speed in water may give them an advantage in escaping a chase if the player can control the paddler well enough.

Trivia Edit

  • 1st aquatic vehicle.
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