Prankster is an offensive class created by Pepearl.

Design Edit

The prankster is a bright yellow concave hexagon (3-pointed star).

Ability Edit

Spike trap - The prankster leaves behind some spikes (3-6), which look like the prankster itself but are about 1/4 its size. When another racer touches them, they are damaged. The spikes will disappear if they are not touched 7.5 seconds after they were created.

A prankster activating the spike trap.

The prankster has 100 max boost.


  • Max health
  • Health regen
  • Spike reload
  • Spike damage

Technical + Strategy Edit

The prankster has poor defenses, so it is best to upgrade max health and health regen early on. Using the prankster's ability while being chased will help you get away. Players with low health behind the prankster can also easily be killed by using the prankster's ability.

Strong against: Faster classes and classes with poor defenses such as piercers, flashes and deprived. If one of these start chasing you, they won't have enough time to dodge if you use the prankster's ability.

Decent against: Slower classes like bullies and busters; they can be controlled more easily and can therefore easily move around the prankster's spikes. The prankster is faster than them, however, and could escape if they are chased by them.

Weak against: Other pranksters for the same reason that they're strong against piercers, flashers and deprived; they're fast and have low health.

Trivia Edit

  • 1st class page by Pepearl.
  • The prankster resembles a trap from
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