S.S. Drift-In is a boss vehicle by the spoons (NO DELETION). It can be found in any gamemode.

Design Edit

S.S. Drift-In is a green colored buster, with a completly black outline.

Strategies and Stats Edit

Health: 8000

Damage: 250 per second (Ramming), 50 (Bullet)

Special: Every 1,2 seconds, it shoots 3 bullets, like a Triple Shot, but less spread, however, it has no recoil.

Speed: As fast as a hazard without boost.

Strong Against: Every Meele Class, Slow Vehicles.

Weak Against: Busters, Pranksters, Fast Vehicles.

Try to keep escaping it, if you are far enough, shoot it, with a buster, watch out for it's bullets, they may kill you, if you are low on health. It can go through walls. S.S. Drift-In also attacks other bosses. In Buster Revenge Gamemode, S.S. Drift-In will attack both teams, the Payer Team and the Buster Team. S.S. Drift-In's Bullets are as fast as a racer without boost, but disappear in 1 second, after S.S. Drift-In shot them. S.S. Drift-In always attacks the closest target and will switch to another target, if that target gets closer.

Trivia Edit

  • It is based on SS Doblons from
  • It has no image yet.