A little more different thing than the Secret.

How To Unlock Edit

In the changelog, there is a puzzle showing this:

classIndex= 31 33 33 37 31 39 39 35

This is hex, so, type in the console:


You unlocked it! Congrats!

Design Edit

It looks like a diamond, but it has a line between the halves. Making 2 connected right triangles.

Ability Edit

Flank Shot Edit

Fires bullets from back and front. Nuff said.

Upgrade Point Special Edit

4 Upgrade points at every lap, even when spawned.

Technical Edit

Usually start with maxing out health regen, you will need it. Then go and max out reload speed, then Bullet Damage, and then Max Health. Be sure to dodge hazards or Hinders

Strong against Edit

Low handling classes, newbies, busters low on health

Weak against Edit

Hazards, buster teamers.

Trivia Edit

  • 2nd page made by FB.
  • 3rd secret class, thus the first two being star and the unnamed secret.
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