Shifter is a defensive class created by Pepearl.

Design Edit

The shifter resembles a deep blue, simple silhouette of a cat's head.

Ability Edit

Shapeshift - The shifter's appearance temporarily changes into that of a random class. When this happens, the shifter's stats and ability stay the same. The shifter will only pick a class which is currently being used in the race. This lasts for 5 seconds at level 1 shift reload and 9.5 seconds at level 10 shift reload. The shifter has 80 base max boost, and 125 when fully upgraded.


  • Max health
  • Health regen
  • Shift reload
  • Max boost

Technical + Strategy Edit

The shifter's ability can be a double-edged sword; if the shifter becomes a hazard, other players will be more likely to avoid them. On the other hand, the shifter could become a deprived or a flash, which will result in other players picking on them. The shifter's speed allows them to easily imitate the speed of other classes - boost to mimic a faster class and hold the cursor closer to the vehicle to mimic a slower class. When players begin to interact with the shifter while they are shifted, their disguise may start to weaken. This could happen if the shifter was a flash and was nearly completely unharmed after a collision, or the shifter was a hazard yet dealt little to no crash damage. It is best to avoid other players as much as possible while shapeshifted, and use the shapeshift ability when there aren't many other players to see you.

Strong against: TBA

Decent against:

Weak against:

Trivia Edit

  • The shifter's original name was the copycat, which explains it's appearance.
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