Taser is an offensive class created by Pepearl.

Design Edit

The taser is a bright pink teardrop. The electric tfield is electric purple and is also teardrop-shaped.

Ability Edit

Electric field - The taser generates a purple electric field in front of it, which damages any vehicle which enters it. When unupgraded, the electric field can kill an unupgraded bully if it stays in the field for 2 seconds, the field lasts for 5 seconds, and it takes 15 seconds to reload.When fully upgraded, the field lasts for 9.5 seconds, and takes 12.75 seconds to reload.

The taser has 60 max boost.


A taser activating the electric field.


  • Max health
  • Field reload
  • Field life
  • Field damage

Technical + Strategy Edit

  • Strong against: Hazard - taser can damage hazard without touching it.
  • Decent/weak against: Buster - they can both damage each other from a distance. 

Tesla with it's field activated.

Trivia Edit

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