The Vampire is a fanon vehicle made by Briskmetal007, and can be titled as an offensive-type class.

Appearance Edit

The vehicle appears to be a blood-red (haha) irregular polygon.

Upgrades Edit

  • Move Speed
  • Max Health
  • Body Size
  • Vampiric Strength

Vampiric Strength - Upgrading this will increase the power of Bloodsuck (the Vampire's special ability).

Ability Edit

Bloodsuck - Once you press the spacebar to activate this, the Vampire will start glowing red. If you attack an enemy, their health bar will evaporate drastically (25%) no matter what their defense is. Your health is also replenished by 35%. If you're on low health, this could be useful.

Cooldown is 30 seconds.

Strategy Edit

Good Against Edit

Decent Against Edit

Bad Against Edit

Trivia Edit

  • I saw that one of the admins was about to do "Vampire", but... that was who knows how long. You snooze you lose, I guess.